Working together

Psychotherapy is a professional relationship where difficult and sometimes painful emotions and experiences can be explored and often resolved.


At times it is possible that life events make us feel unable to manage, depressed or anxious about how to cope. It is at these times that professional help can support and guide us through our thoughts, helping us to manage them better.


Others may find they need help with anger management, feelings of inadequacy or guilt or low self-esteem.



Psychotherapy is a process which helps make sense of our feelings.  It can help you find a deeper understanding of why you feel as you do.  The insights that come out of psychotherapy can help develop a deeper resilience to cope with life, and to provide tools to support you when things are difficult.


Psychoanalytic therapy

Psychoanalytic therapy is arguably the most far-reaching of therapies: it can help people understand and change deep-seated problems. It is also helpful for people who have experienced a loss of meaning in their lives, or who are seeking a greater sense of fulfilment.


In the way I work, it is the relationship with the client that is crucial. 

In a safe and confidential setting, a space is created to explore the less familiar, even unconscious patterns of the inner world. Some of these patterns, which are often laid down in childhood, can be the unseen motivating forces that manifest in a variety of ways from anxiety to depression, and prevent us from living fulfilled and satisfied lives. 

As these patterns inevitably begin to emerge in the therapist-client relationship, they are identified and reflected upon. It is out of this exchange that understanding can deepen and change is made possible.


My work is based on a regular rhythm of one, or more, fifty-minute sessions each week. This kind of therapy is for people who are interested in exploring their thoughts and feelings in the medium and long term.




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